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MS Office Training

MS Office Training

Course Duration: 3 Months (80 Hrs)

Microsoft Office (MS Office Training) helps to create impressive home and school projects. Microsoft Office is a popular software package of Microsoft Inc., which includes programs, as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote and Publisher. Each Programme has unique feature and has been meant for different purposes. The programes are organized into various tab groups and sub sections to easily understand and to work accordingly.

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It also includes basic computer operation along with file management and windows administration. Learning ms office takes adequate time and practice. This course is designed for housewives, students and for those professionals who have just started career in computer or he/she would willing to learn operating computer. We emphasis on practical learning more rather than the theoretical part. While the important theory parts are also being taken care by ACLM. Candidates from the region of Indirapuram, Vaishali, Kaushambi, Vasundhara, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad are getting trained to improve their skills.

ACLM MS Office Training Delivery Methods:

  • Web / Desktop Base
  • Instructor –Led Classroom Sessions
  • Presentation/ Demonstration/ Practical’s of concepts
  • Handouts/ Assignments/ Real Time Exposure to work

Topics Covered under MS Office Training

MS Office Training: MS Word

  • Windows Operating System, Hardware/Software, Turning on your PC/ Logging on, The Desktop: Document/Original/Application/Folder icons, Taskbar, Start Button/Menu, Mouse Clicks, Moving/Copying files and folders, Creating/Renaming/Deleting a file or folder, Parts of a Window: Bars/Buttons/Scroll Bars, Resizing/Moving a window, Opening/Saving a document, Editing text, Drag and Drop, How to type in Arabic, Getting Help, Shutting Down, Getting Started, What is Microsoft Word?, Menu Bar , Viewing or Hiding Toolbars, Shortcut Menus, Task Pane, Views,  Normal View, Web Layout View, Print Layout View, Outline View, Reading , Layout View, Working with Files, Create New Documents, Open Existing Documents, Save Documents, Rename Documents, Close Documents, Working with Text, Type and Insert Text, Highlight Text, Delete Text, Spelling and Grammar, Formatting Text, Formatting Toolbar, Move / Cut Text, Copy Text, Paste Text, Undo and Redo Options, Lists, Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Columns, Graphics, Print Documents, Paragraph Formatting, Paragraph Attributes, Non-printing characters, Drop Caps, Text Formatting, Styles and Formatting, Reveal Formatting, Tables, Insert Tables, Draw Tables,  Nested Tables, Insert Rows and Columns, Move and Resize Tables, Moving the order of the column and/or rows inside a table, Table Properties, Drawing Canvas, Spelling and Grammar, Page Formatting, Symbols and Special Characters, Smart Tags and Other Markers, Keyboard Shortcuts, Track Changes, Track Changes in Print Layout View, User Information, Viewing the changes, Accepting / Rejecting Changes, Inserting Comments, Window Splitter, Compiling a Table of Contents, Creating an Index, Saving a Word Document as a Web Page, Page Margins and , Gutter Margins, Page Margins, Gutter Margins, Indentations, Setting Tabs, Changing the default tab stops, Removing Tabs

MS Office Training: MS Excel

  • Spreadsheet Basics, Screen Layout, Title bar, Menu bar, Standard Toolbar, Other Tools, Task Pane, Adding and Renaming Worksheets, Modifying Worksheets, Moving Through Cells, Adding Worksheets, Rows, Columns, and Cells, Resizing Rows and Columns, Selecting Cells, Moving and Copying Cells, Deleting Rows, Columns, and Cells, Freeze Panes, Formatting Cells, Formatting Toolbar, Format Cells Dialog Box, Formatting Worksheet, Dates and Times, Format Painter, AutoFormat, Formulas and Functions, Formulas, Linking Worksheets, Relative, Absolute, and Mixed, Referencing, Basic Functions, AutoSum, Sorting and Filling, Basic Sorts, Complex Sorts, Auto-fill, Comparing Workbooks, Compare Side by Side, Page Properties and Printing, Page Breaks, Page Setup, Margins, Header/Footer, Sheet Print Preview, Print, Charts, Chart Wizard, Chart toolbar , Resizing a chart, Moving a chart, Deleting a chart, Copying a chart to Microsoft Office file, Chart Types, An Overview on Formatting Charts and Cells, Commonly Used Features, Comments, Use Go To, Use Find and Replace, Increase / Decrease Decimals,, protecting your files (password to open) Saving Excel files as Web pages, E-mail an Excel File, To send by e-mail a single Excel worksheet as a message body, To send by e-mail a single Excel worksheet as an attachment, To send by e-mail an Excel workbook as an attachment, To send by e-mail an Excel workbook for review, Additional Readings, Tab Color , Hide / Unhide, Appendix 1:, Shortcut Keys, Functions & Formulas Fundamentals, Formula Definition, Formula Syntax, Formula Bar, Function Definition, Function Syntax, Arguments, Operators, Operator Order, Function Wizards, Entering Multiple Formulas All At Once, Editing & Deleting Formulas, Errors in Formulas, Excel Functions Overview, Statistical Functions Overview, Math Functions Overview, Information Functions Overview, Overview of Logical Functions, Additional Readings, Text to Speech,

MS Office Training: MS Power Point

  • Introduction, Task Pane, Create a new presentation, AutoContent Wizard, Design Template, Blank Presentation, Open an Existing Presentation, PowerPoint screen, Screen Layout, Views,  Normal View, Slide View, Outline View, Slide Sorter View,  Notes View, Working with slides, Insert a new slide, Notes, Slide layout, Apply a design template, Reorder Slides, Hide Slides, Hide Slide text, Add content, Resize a placeholder or text box, Move a placeholder or text box, Delete a placeholder or text box, Placeholder or Text box properties, Bulleted and numbered lists, Adding notes, Work with text, Add text and edit options, Format text, Copy text formatting, Replace fonts Line spacing, Change case, Spelling check , Spelling options, Working with tables, Adding a table, Entering text, Deleting a table, Changing row width, Adding a row/column, Deleting a row/column, Combining cells, Splitting a cell, Adding color to cells, To align text vertically in cells, To change table borders, Graphics, Add clip art, Add an image from a file, Save & Print, Saving your work, ,Page setup, Print, Tips on Creating Better Presentations, Presentation basics and shortcuts, Graphics, Editing a graphic, Adding a shadow to an object, Auto Shapes, Making an object 3-dimensional:, Inserting symbols, WordArt, Graphs and charts, Adding a chart, Changing the type of chart, Master slides, Slide Master , Headers and Footers, Slide Numbers, Date and Time, Protecting a presentation, Slide animation, Animating Slides, Animation Preview, Slide Transitions, Creating a Photo Album, Reordering Slides, Creating Presenter’s, Notes, Normal view, Notes pages, Adding Action Buttons, Using the Pen Tool in a Slide Show, Adding Sound to a Presentation, Adding a Recorded Sound, Adding a sound file from a CD, Adding a sound file from File, Adding Narration, Creating a Summary Slide, Rehearsing a Slide Show, Saving a Presentation as a Web page, Displaying the grid, Working with a presentation in MS Word, Adding a comment, E-mail a presentation, More into other Masters, Cropping pictures, Editing images, Image control, Creating a hyperlink, Creating a custom slide show, Set up a slide show, PowerPoint shortcuts

Who Should Attend the MS Office Training

  • Anyone who want to learn basic of MS Office
  • Must for every 10th+ candidate

Pre-requisites for MS Office Training

  • Basic Knowledge of Computer
  • Freshers

What You Need To Bring

  • Notepad, Pen/Pencil, Laptop

Key Takeaways

  • Knowledge on MS Office Package
  • Indepth knowledge of Microsoft Word – 30 hrs training
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel – 30 hrs training
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint – 20 hrs training

About Trainer

  • B.Sc. (Phy), BCA, MCA, handling with core development since 1998. With such a vast experience, he has delivered various successful project to the IT industry. Mr. Amit is currently involved in Development along with Training on various topics like software engineering, C / C++ / CORE JAVA / VBA / EXCEL / SAS / SQL / ACCESS & PYTHON.
  • Ms. Chanchal has a wide experience into computer training with practical knowledge.
  • Ms. Chanchal has delivered 50+ projects for clients based on the requirements for our organization.
ms office training

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