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Advanced Tally ERP Training Course

Advanced Tally ERP Training Course

Advanced Tally ERP Training Course is provided under the badges of Tally Solutions Ltd. Tally Solutions is A Financial Accounting Package and It Contains mutiple kind of Erp Software. Tally Has Now Its Global Presence In More Than 90 Countries.

Tally’s Erp Is Mainly Used For Vouchers, Financial Statements And Taxation In Many Industries and Has Specialised Packages For Retail Businesses.

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Why Chose Us?

ACLM offers a multidisciplinary approach for training. Our Advanced Tally ERP course is designed in such a way that you will have full glimpse of course along with accounting standards and administration procedures. Today, TALLY, ERP is essential for every enterprises including SMEs. With our customized training, you can make your immense presence during the interview and working atmosphere.

The Online Training Courses for Tally covers right from the Basics (principles of accounting, types of accounts, and the Most Advance features of Tally (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Vouchers, ETC). All the tutorials, lessons for Tally are supplemented with proper assignments and projects which will be monitored by faculty of ACLM.

advanced tally erp training course

Advanced Tally ERP Training Course content:

Module 1:

  • What is Book Keeping?

  • What is an Account?

  • What is Double –Entry System of Book Keeping?

  • Explain the term transaction

  • What is journal entry?

  • What is Contra Entry?

  • What is Journal Voucher?

  • Explain the word Liability

  • Explain the word asset s

  • Books of Accounts

  • Definition of Indirect Exp / Indirect Income

  • Definition of Direct Exp / Direct Income

  • What is debit?

  • What is credit?

  • Difference between Journal voucher / Journal entry

Module – II

  • Golden rules of Accounting

Module – III

  • Accounting Software

  • Why use Tally to maintain Account

  • Advantage over manual Accounting

Module – IV

  • Creation of Company / Accounts only? Accounts with Inventory

  • Alt the company

  • Creation of password / security

  • Opening the company making it active

  • Creating ledger A/c.

  • Altering individual ledger a/c

  • Viewing / Altering multiple ledger on screen

  • Inventory creation / Altering stock group /stock items

Module – V accounting & practical

  • All Basic Accountig concepts

  • Voucher entry

  • Simple Journal entries\adjustment entries

  • Payment entries

  • Receipts entries

  • Contra entries

  • Rectification entries

  • Assets& liabilities entries

  • Bank transection

  • Printing various Book of Account

  • Printing all Financial Statement

  • Vat /Cst .Entries

  • Vat purchase

  • Vat sales

  • Cst sales & Purchase Entries

  • Excise/Service Tax

  • Excixe and service tax concepts

  • Sales and purchase entries

Module – VI

  • Easy Access to the various Books of Account

  • Cash Book / Bank Book / Purchase Book / sales Book /

  • Journal voucher book / Debit Note book / Credit Note Book

  • Day Book / Ledger Book

Module – VII

  • Automatic Creation of Financial Accounting Statement

  • Trial Balance

  • Trading A/c

  • Profit & Loss A/c

  • Balance Sheet

  • Stock Summary

  • Ratio Analysis

Module – VIII( Advancing accounting with practical)

  • Advance concepts of accounting

  • Preparation of final accounts(B/s, P/LA/c etc.)

  • Prepare trial balance

  • Vat & Cst

  • Advance concepts of Vat & Cst

  • Vat and Cst Adjustment

  • Filling of Vat and Cst return

  • Calculation of Vat and Cst

  • Use of applicable forms

  • Advance concepts

  • Cenvat adjustment

  • Cenvat calculation

  • Filling of returns

  • Income Tax/Tds/PF/ESI

  • Concepts of income tax

  • Calculation of income tax

  • Filling returns of income tax

  • TDS concepts and calculation of TDS

  • Filling returns of TDS

  • Calculation of pf and ESI

  • Filling returns of PF


  • Certificate of participation from ACLM
  • Certified Tally Expert from Tally Solutions

Advance Tally ERP Training Course Benefits

  • Easily manage accounting book keeping
  • Manage Stocks and Inventory easily
  • Handle reports instantly
  • Invoicing and Purchases while the go
  • GST and TDS filing instantly
  • Bank reconciliation and Payment notifications

Why Choose ACLM

State of the art computing

ACLM has one the finest computing environments among all current running institutes in the neighbouring area. We’re Operating around ½ the clock, with 40 desktops, high quality server, wi-fi internet enabled classes, high quality laser and colour inkjet printers.

Live Training Courses

ACLM is also conducting live training courses on advanced courses like Ethical Hacking, SEO, Software Testing, J2EE, .net and C++ courses from different sectors throughout the country. The basic purpose of such type of training is to clear concept on specific topic remotely which helps students directly to get in touch with senior trainers and to clear their doubts. For conducting such Live Training we’re using a 2 way (full duplex) video conferencing systems.

Information Centre

Setting up of information centre was a big task for us. As a general information centre, we’ve not only included the computer courses, we’ve also included a lot of other professional courses. Our information desk is open for information round the clock and experts from different background is always available for counselling.

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