Programming and Web Technologies
Advanced Web Technology Training

Advanced Web Technology Training

Course Duration : 90 hrs

Advanced web technology training The course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic Web pages using latest web technologies . It introduces students to client-side pages and how these technologies can be used to make static HTML pages , dynamic and interactive Web pages. Students will learn the syntax of the these latest technology including angularJS and get to know how client-side scripts interact with server-side programs.

Advanced Web Technology Training : A ready cake For dynamic website development:

 The phrase ‘single-page application’ has been coined to describe rich, responsive web applications that behave more like native desktop applications that is become possible only with these latest technology like AngularJS. ACLM –  designed  this course in such a way that you’ll able to make any dynamic web application after completion of this .

Career opportunity with Web Technologies

Advanced web technology training: A combination these Technologies can let you a smart career goal to achieve. It open lots of career option in designing field.But, not only this, you should also focus with any language so that you can have full control over client side. Today,Web Technologies are in more demands within industry and all are making variance of cakes

Topics Covered Under Advanced web technology training

HTTP protocol

Stateless nature of the protocol,Methods used(GET,POST),difference between HTTP and HTTPS.


Introduction,Element,Attributes,Heading,Paragraph,Style,Formating,Color,Links,Images,Table,List,Blocks,Text Formatting & Layout, Hypertext Links & Anchors,Forms,Form element,Input Type,Input attributes, Frames,Events,Document Object Model(DOM).


Difference between HTML and HTML5,Elements,Objects,Events,Canvas,semantics,SVG,Google MapsAudio & Video Support


Introduction,Color,Background,Border,Margin,Padding,Height/width,Text,font,Icon,InlineStyling,External Styling ,CSS Specifier,Links,List,Table,Display,align,float,opacity,dropdown,Tooltip,CSS Box Model.


Introduction,data Type,Keywords and Operator,Function,Object,Document Object Model Manipulation,Events,Forms,Javascript validation,Error,Exception Handling,Security.


Introduction,JQuery Selection,JQuery Effects,JQuery Methods,JQuery Traversal,Data attributes and templates


Introduction,XMLHttpRequest,Ajax Architecture,Ajax using HTML CSS and Javascript,Ajax with WebServices.


Introduction,XMLsyntax,XML Element,Attribute,namespace,XML Tree,XML Validator,XML DTD,XML XSLT,XPath,XML Parser,XML integration with java using API


Introduction,Conceptual Overview,Data Binding,Angular Controllers,Angular Services,Angular Scopes Angular Dom ,Angular Event,Angular Templates,Angular Expressions,Angular Filters,Angular Forms Angular Directives,Angular Modules,Angular Routing

Who Should Attend In Advanced web technology training

Web developers and Content Authors, Web Designers with Basic Knowledge in Programming, Mobile Web developers, Beginning to Intermediate Programmers with basic Web Knowledge who want to learn new skills


Basic Computer Skills and knowledge of HTML fundamentals including use of Cascading Style Sheets

What You Need To Bring

Notepad, Pen/Pencil, Laptop

Key Takeaways

Knowledge of how to create and debug modern web pages for a variety of modern devices, Implement dynamic HTML effects to improve interactivity and SEO. Learning to impart programming concept for fast,efficient and dynamic web site development.

About Trainer

Mr. Amit Sinha ,B.Sc. (Phy), BCA, MCA, handling with core development since 1998. With such a vast experience, he has delivered various successful projects to the IT industry. He is currently involved in Development along with Training on various topics like software engineering, C / C++ / CORE JAVA / VBA / EXCEL / SAS / SQL / ACCESS & PYTHON.

Mrs. khushboo choudhary, science) ,PDAC, employed since 2013 in software development as Full stack Developer.She has worked on various government and private sector project.She is having exellent understanding of web technologies and server side programming like C/C++/Core java /Advance Java/MVC framework.

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