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PHP Training

PHP Training

Course Duration : 2 Months

PHP Training – Earn handsome after 2 months

Are you technically sound? Do you have basic knowledge of computer? The PHP Training will be a suitable for you. This will give you good earning after course completion. 

Our courses won’t take much of your time. You just need to give us 2 months.  This course mainly emphasize on the mixture of programming from client and server side. You will be able to lay down perfect design of your thoughts.


Requirement of course

We are going to train each candidate with tech sound experts. But, it will be suitable if the candidates have little info on HTML & CSS. Any fresher after 12 standards can enroll here. If you are willing to get career in online industry, here is the course. You will be known as programmer, web developer or application developer. This PHP Training will make your technical skill strong. You can get a good career in well known MNC’s. But, it is vital that candidate have knowledge on tech language. Having know how on access, excel and database is benefit.

Benefits of PHP training

You can now get variety of benefits on PHP training. Some institutes provide basic level courses. That might give you facts on such php programs. But there will be no in-depth info. Our PHP Training comes with perfect design. It will be job based course in just 2 months. It will give you the overview of basic and thorough practical know- how. You will be able to design any website after course end. Getting huge traffic on site is a benefit. Our expert faculties train folks in such a way that they will be industry leaders in future. You can now run your program in variety of major operating system. The operating systems that are usually used are OS, LINUX, and WINDOWS etc. You will get the info of open source web language. The user does not require purchasing anything.

Job Assurance

After completion of course, we assure your job. You must visit our website to get more details on the syllabus. If some folks in your family wish to enroll in PHP Training, contact us at once. We have tie ups with the top MNC’s. Every year, we send students to them after course end. We also have on campus interviews. The folks from companies visit our institute and conducts interview. You can get the chance for off campus interview as well. The knowhow of tech prone language will take you a long way. No one can be a hindrance in your successful career.

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Being an authorized PEARSON VUE test centre, ACLM offering zend certification on completion of entire course. The primary level of certification on HTML, Java Script & CSS is also available on Microsoft certification. Since a database certification is also required by all group of companies, candidate has been suggested to do Microsoft SQL certification independently, so that candidate can also be ready for a database programmer profile.

PHP Training : Benefits

  • Easy to learn: PHP does not require one to spend a lot of time researching a manual.
  • Familiarity with syntax: Its syntax is based on Perl and C languages
  • Free of Cost: Open source web language
  • Efficiency in Performance: known to be scalable when writing code as well as in creating applications and is very reliable when you need to serve several web pages

Topics Covered: PHP Training

Install PHP5, Apache, MYSQL, on windows using Wamp Server

  • WAMP (Apache, PHP and Mysql for Windows) provides the popular combination of Apache with the PHP server-side language and the Mysql database.

PHP Introduction

  • A programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be performed by a machine, particularly a computer.

Data types

  • Most PHP scripts deal with data in one form or another, usually stored in variables. PHP can work with different types of data.

Variables and Constants

  • Generally variables are used to store the values. You can store values of different kinds like, string, array, integer etc.

Strings, Regular Expressions

  • A string is a series of characters. For e.g. hello world is a string. Being able to manipulate strings is a valuable skill, especially in PHP.


  • There are many operators used in PHP. PHP operators are very similar to C and JavaScript operators, if you know these languages, operators you may easily handle the programme.

Conditional statements

  • When we do a program, most of the time we need to make a choice, whether a statement is true or false or we need to execute different actions.

Looping statements

  • In PHP, often you have to execute certain block of statements a number of times, or until a condition is met. For this purpose, looping statements works very well.


  • Information may be passed to functions via the argument list, which is a comma-delimited list of expressions.


  • An array can store more than one value. While a variable can hold a single piece of data, an array can store multiple data using a single variable.

PHP Forms

  • Forms are a vital tool, to receive information from the user, such as: their name, email address, credit card, etc.


  • File Handling in PHP is very easy and effective. PHP includes a lot of built-in functions for handling files and directories.

PHP Cookies

  • Cookies allow the webmaster to store information about the site visitor on their computer to be accessed again the next time they visit.

PHP Sessions

  • A PHP session variable is used to store information about user. Session variables hold information about one single user and make it available.

Introduction to OOP

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that uses objects and their interactions to design applications and computer programs.

Visibility, Scope Resolution Operator, Static Keywords

  • The visibility of a property or method can be defined by prefixing the declaration with the keywords: public, protected or private.


  • Inheritance is the mechanism of extending an already existing class. By inheritance we create a new class with all functionalities.

Smarty Installation

  • This is a simple guide to get Smarty setup and running quickly. The online documentation includes a very thorough explanation of a Smarty installation.

Introduction to smarty and smarty loops

  • Smarty is a template engine for PHP. It separates business logic with presentation logic. It is very useful in case where we have different team of developments.

Smarty Variables Modifiers

  • Smarty modifiers are very good utility. By help of this we can implement some display logic in smarty templates.

Caching in Smarty

  • Caching is a way of improving a Web page performance by saving the executed version of a page as a static file.

Who Should Attend the PHP Training

  • Any one wants to make career in web design, Graphic Designers, DTP Operators, 12th Standards students

Pre-requisites for Starting your PHP Training

  • Familiar with any programming language and understanding of working of Web Applications is desired.

What You Need To Bring

  • Notepad, Pen/Pencil, Laptop

Key Takeaways on completion of PHP Training

  • Knowledge of Web (X)HTML, CSS, Templates & Website Hosting, JavaScript, JQuery (Basics and Plugins), Static Website, PHP, Installation of PHP, MySQL and Apache, Database Programming (MySQL)

About Trainer

  • Mr. Sokinder Singh – B. Com., M. Sc. (Computer Science), MCA. Expertise on SQL, MY-SQL & XAMPP (PHP). Application development & deployment since 2005. Having such vast experience, he has delivered various successful project to the IT industry. Being a good trainer & mentor, he is actively involved in corporate as well as individual training.
  • Mr. Sokinder Singh – Presented various papers on the “Importance of web technologies”, “Web Application” and XAMPP Handlers.
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