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Advance Excel, VBA and MIS Training

Advance Excel, VBA and MIS Training

Advance Excel, VBA & MIS, with 250+ formulas & 100+ Assignments, Customized Notes.

International Certification from Microsoft (MOS) and Guaranteed Placement.

Rated 4.9 out of 5.0, in India. 40 Hours Training will help you for 40 Years in your work.

Excel VBA Training basically (Management information systems) involve three primary resources: People, Technology, and Information or Decision Making. Management information systems are distinct from other information systems in that they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization.

VBA is core Microsoft Property and hence you can get the entire documentation available with this link.

The customized training on Advance Excel, VBA and MIS is designed in such a way that the people from the diverse fields can have in-depth technical knowledge of the tools and techniques to develop a customize MIS system.

Excel VBA training

Why Excel VBA training is important?

In our daily routines, presentation plays a vital role in clear outcomes of any scenarios. The purpose of such customized training is basically for developing a clean and clear dashboard which can be treated as a key utility tool in our daily routines. Our training will help you in developing such dashboard which will make you distinct among all. “Turning Motivated Individuals into Office Superstars” is our main concern overall training. The primary focus of making individuals ready at par with the technology makes organization more reliable over their existing members and making their arm stronger.

ACLM, Known for the MIS Training institution, successfully completed more than 1500 training including corporate as well as individual training. Our MIS page on well known social platform facebook is increasing gradually and the posts are liked by all friends.

As an offline training, Our prime focus areas are Indirapuram, Vaishali, Kaushambi, Sahibabad, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Hapur, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, East Delhi including all Delhi NCR region.

The Online course is being offered Globally with 24 X 7 time span.

ACLM, under this course, also guarantee for the placement of trained candidate(s) to esteem organizations like EXL, Accenture, Genpact, IBM,, TCS, Capegimini, Vasan Eye Care, Lenskart and many more MNCs. HRs from all MNCs are also requested to contact us +91-7289989188 / for the opening of profiles meeting “MIS Experts, MIS Executives, Data Processor, Data Entry Executives and all related to Excel and Data Analyst.”

KEY FEATURES Of Excel VBA training

  • 50+ assignments, Custom notes on Advance Excel and its various properties
  • Command on more than 250+ formulas
  • Flexibility to avail Regular as well as Weekend Classes
  • For fast learners, daily classes of up to 5 hours of each class
  • Test and Mock Interview Sessions for Interview Preperations
  • Exposure on Real time work environment

Topics Covered Under Excel VBA training


  • Focus on real scenarios of Reporting / Data Management / Automation, Difference between basic and advance Excel, Excel Basics, Excel Settings, Advanced Formulas, Name Manager, Absolute and Relative references, field setting, Goal Seek / Scenario manager, Managing custom Lists, Cross addressing.


  • Conditional formatting, Data Vailidation, Consolidation, Grouping and Sub Grouping, User Settings for Excel Application Level, Data Management and Analysis, Reporting Techniques, Pivot Table, Power Pivot, Macros, Concepts of VBA, Excel Data Handling with VBA, Use of SQL Queries, Userform, Listbox, Combobox, Buttons etc., Application Design

Set of Important Formulae and related assignments

  • Logical Function Sets – And, Or, Not, Nand, Nor, Xor, True, False, Iferror, Iserror, Iserr, Isna, Isblank, Istrue, IsFalse, IsNumber, IsText, IsEven, Isodd, IsLogical
  • Usage of Operators – Logical Operator, Arithmetic Operator, Assignment Operator and Unary Operators
  • Text Function Set – Upper, Lower, Proper, Left, Mid, Right, Concatenate, Char, Code, Find, Search, Replace, Substitute, trim, text value, Text set, T, BahtText. The array formulae including various other text functions
  • Date & Time Function Set – Date(), Day, month, Year, time(), Hour, minute, second, Datedif, Datevalue, Time Value, Weeknum, Weekday, Age Calculator, Usage of scientific and moderate calculator, Days360, General Date Diff, EDate, EOmonth, Workdays, Workdays.intl, Networkdays, Networkdays.intl, now, Today, Yearfrac
  • Lookup and References set – Address, Area, Choose, Vlookup, Hlookup, Lookup, Reverse Lookup, Index, Match, Row, Rows, Column, Columns, Get Pivot Data, Hyperlink, Indirect, offset, Transpose, RTD
  • Mathematical Function – General Use Function – Sum, sumif, Sumifs, Count, countif, Countifs, Average, Averageif, Averageifs, Product, Sumproduct, Sumproduct Array Formula, Round, Roundup, Rounddown, Floor, Ceiling, INT, Sqrt, Power, Subtotal, Fact, Even, Odd
  • Conditional Statement – If, If else, if else if (nested if), if with operator, if with the use of text functions, if with the use of numbers, if with date function, if with time functions


  • Understanding Different Data Types, Using String / Text / Number / Long Data Types with examples, Managing Date Time Format, Handling Long Date time Format, Data Correction, Identifying bad data, Conversion of different data types, Importing and accessing different file types in excel


  • Protecting Excel File, Protecting worksheet, Workbook, Enable / Disable Range, Allow users to edit range, Protecting users to edit range, Field Controls using customised user access


  • Database, Tables, Fields and Properties, Form Properties, Variables, Functions, Modules, Subroutines, Conditional Validations, Using Other ActiveX Tools like, Calendar, Watch, PDF…, Looping Constructs (While, Do While, For, Foreach, If Else, If then else…) Functional Parameters


  • SQL Queries, Reports and Data Management, VBA Programming and Data Management Forms, Reports & Application Design


  • Get an overview of different Analytical Process, Differentiating Modules, Sub-Modules, Procedures, Data handling with the help of Access, ACCESS Forms and Reports, Writing Access Queries, Reporting and Formatting by different angles, Macro generation and application, design, Writing custom queries as per the need, Fundamentals of data handling, MIS, EXCEL and Access, Using of Developer Tools to Excel Worksheet, Using of ActiveX tools to Excel, Worksheet, Using of Developer tools to VBA Programming, Enabling / Disabling ActiveX Tools to VBA


  • Setting Data Source, Getting Charts / Graphs using Referential fields, Getting ACCESS Data Getting Other Data


  • Setting Data Source, Getting XML Data, Getting ACCESS Data, Getting Other Data


  • Integration of Database, Connecting to a DBMS Using the SQL Procedure

DATA Connectivity

  • Connecting to a excel Using the SQL Procedure, Connecting to a access Using the SQL Procedure, Connecting to a DBMS Using the DSN


  • Creating Tables / Queries / Forms, Insert / Update Statement, User Form / Field Updation,  Multiple SQL Statements, The SQL Procedure, The Access Procedure, Requirements to Connect to a Database


  • Understanding how to use the ODBC with Excel, Set up a data source for a database driver, Defining the ODBC API, ODBC Terminology, Defining the Data Source Manager, ODBC Driver, Data Source

Who Should Attend

  • MS Office Specialist, MIS Personals, VBA Programmer, Accounts Personal, Project Managers, Developers, Technical/ Test Leads, Program Managers, Project Managers, Research Workers, Freelancers, Data analysis departments


  • Basic Knowledge of Excel, Candidate’s having some programming background will have an added advantage

What You Need To Bring

  • Notepads, Laptops / Notebooks (Up to your choice)

Key Takeaways

  • Various MIS technique with the help of Excel VBA Programming, Generate different Analytical Process. Data handling and correcting bad data with the help of Access, Reporting and Formatting with different angles, Macro generation and application design, Writing customized queries as per the need and, Build a full fledged Dashboard.

About Trainer

  • Having 17+ Years of Experience in Data Analysis, Clinical Data Research, Data Mining and Presentation
  • Delivered more than 50+ VBA Projects (onsite & offsite)
  • Currently working on 10+ VBA Projects
excel vba training

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