Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

In the today’s competitive marketplace, it becomes imperative to meet customer demand with best-in-class product with high speed of delivery. In order to achieve goal, the Lean Six Sigma enables organizations to achieve their financial goal.

Industries often suffer the financial setback because of getting their products rejected by the clients due to quality issues. Deploying Lean Six Sigma methodology many industries around the world have experienced the significant production quality improvement and better customer experience after incorporating the Six Sigma method in regular processes..

Lean Six Sigma consulting focuses on customer satisfaction and retention by employing statistical and financial analyses coupled with project management to remove actions that do not add value, and to improve business processes.

ACLM consultants with strong Business analytics and Six Sigma background coupled with excellent business acumen work in collaboration with client operations team to re-engineer process. Now in this marketplace it is becoming extremely challenging and ever-increasing customer demands, increasing product specification, zero defect tolerance, cost optimization and Lean Six Sigma deployment enables organization to achieve goals. The scientific approach of Lean Six Sigma enables organization to achieve and sustain long term business performance with deployment of Lean Six Sigma Tools on various phases of Six Sigma drive.

·      A business process using tools to achieve customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

·      A level of performance that reflects significantly reduced defects in our products and processes.

·      A set of statistical “tools” to help us proper Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and control our processes and develop the requisite capabilities within organisation

·      A commitment to our customers to achieve an exceptional level of performance.

Lets collaborate together to achieve your ultimate organizational financial goals with world class customer experience .

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