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Online MS Access Training

Online MS Access Training

Online MS Access training is offered by ACLM for software Developer & Data Engineers. This course provide In-depth Knowledge for Design & Create Database which includes tables, Queries, Forms & build re-usable structures which will gives the benefit to manage your data in easily and fashionable manner. This training provide knowledge on how to use of SQL to retrieve, store or update data in Microsoft Access. Related Course, Documentation Access

Online MS Access Training

  • Access User Interface – How to use tools defined in the MS Access various versions
  • Fundamentals – Fundamental of Database, RDBMS, Joins and Many important tools
  • Table & their View – Defining and Creating Various types of Tables
  • Tables – Recording Various types of Data into Physical Table
  • Queries – Creating views on behalf of Tables and their relationship
  • Form – Generation Form to get user input in more managed way
  • Reports – Creating reports with the help of Queries, Forms and Tables
  • Relationship – Setting One-to-one, One-to-many & many-to-many relationships to the tables, queries
  • Macro – Creating automation with the help of Access VBA
  • Completing the Desktop Application like Running Macros from a Navigation Form, Setting the Navigation Form as a Default Form, Creating a navigation Form, Splitting the database, Encrypt with password.

The entire course duration will be 05 Days comprising of 10 hours. The entire online training will have group of 25-35 participants. Each session will be for the duration of 02 hours. The candidates will be provided with assignments and projects seperately via email.

Certification: Get certified with Microsoft Online Certification. You can also apply for SQL based certification seperately for the Admin as well as Developer modules.

Online MS Access Training

Registration open for Data Analytics & Data Science. (12 Months Exec. Program)