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Data Analysis Course

Data Analysis Course

Data Analysis Course

data analysis courseData Analysis Course has been designed by experts, keeping in view of various stages starting from data cleaning to analyzing and visualizing data. As a fact, you may feel amazed that As per the survey, it has been found that, up to 55% of data collected by companies goes unused for analysis. It may be a possible, that businesses don’t know how to achieve their goal.


The course Data Analysis Course has been designed keeping in view of all aspects either it related to a business needs or someone learning for their career growth exponentially. 


To make it more valuable, you have the learn the tools, Learn to organize, process, and analyze the data and share the reports too. But, before moving into it, first of all we need to understand about the Data Analysis i.e. What is Data Analysis: Data Analysis is the process of applying logical techniques to describe and present in a meaningful format. For more info..

Data Analysis Course Duration: 200 hrs / 06 Months

Batch Size: One to One | Training Mode: Online / Offline

Modules & Topics Covered in Data Analysis Course

excel data analysis

MS Excel + VBA Based Analysis

  1. Data Analytics course starts with Hands on with 250+ amazing MS Excel formulas
  2. Learn to Create Automated Dashboard using Power Pivot, Power Query & Slicers
  3. Learn to Summarize data with array functions and summary formulas
  4. Learn to formulate complex formulas using Logical Functions, Mathematical Functions, Text Based Functions, Date and Time Functions and Lookup & References based Functions
  5. Conditionally Format your data set to make awesome impact
  6. Create multi variant charts, including data validation and consolidation
  7. Create your own VBA code to automate on a single click of a button
  8. Learn to create custom procedures, functions, forms and your own plugins

Analysis with SQL Server

  1. Learn to handle large data sets
  2. Learn to import and export data sets, reports and queries
  3. Handle queries through procedures, calling a cursor and applying triggers instantly
  4. Learn to write complex queries, applying conditions, creating sub queries and filtering data as per the need
  5. Learn to create grouping and multi level aggregate functions
  6. Normalizing data sets to improve efficiency
  7. Connecting SQL with different applications including MS Excel to create views and charts, pivot charts and finally power query
  8. Learn to allocate and de-allocate the SQL server database with the user
data analysis with sql
data analysis with power bi

Analysis with Power BI

  1. Learn to use Power BI Desktop and Power BI Cloud
  2. Learn to create a powerful Dashboard including multi level filters and slicers
  3. Learn unique Dax Functions
  4. Learn to use power queries
  5. Learn to import data from various data source
  6. Learn to share live reports on power BI online
  7. Export Power BI Stories as a brunch
  8. Make your report fully customizable as per the user need

Analysis with Python + Pandas

  1. Learn to use Python from the scratch
  2. Learn File Handling, Exception Handling, Data Handling
  3. Learn to use Loops, Operators & Statements
  4. Learn to create class, functions and modules
  5. Learn installing and un-installing python libraries or updating existing libraries
  6. Learn to use Pandas for the statistical analysis of data using dataframes
  7. Learn to create various charts using matplotlib and 
  8. creating a meaningful report finally 
data analysis with pandas

Opportunities on Completion of Data Analysis Course:

Certifications available under Data Analysis Course:

Data Analysis Course

Data Analysis Course: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

Duration: 40 Hrs
Ratio: 1:1
Recording: On Demand

Power BI Data Analyst

Data Analysis Course: Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst

Duration: 60 Hrs
Ratio: 1:1
Recording: On Demand

Data Analysis Course: Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist

Duration: 90 Hrs
Ratio: 1:1
Recording: On Demand

Other Badges you should earn

microsoft office specialist
microsoft awarded

On completion of Data Analysis Course

dashboard data analysis

So, On completion of Data Analysis Course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Cleaning and Storing meaningful data
  2. Creating custom queries, procedures and triggers
  3. Create custom views with the help of formulas and functions
  4. You will be able to write user defined function and processes
  5. You can integrate multiple data sources at a single platform
  6. You can create and share stories, dashboards, graphs, charts, geographical reports and many more without any hassle.

For whom the Data Analysis Course is

Data Operators






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