Lean consulting 

Lean consulting has been an important service offering from ACLM. A lean consultant helps organization to implement lean principles in their business and helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization by reducing waste, improving flow and communication, and ultimately increasing business productivity. Lean is a philosophy that shortens the time line between the customer order and  the  shipment  by  eliminating  waste.

Lean consultants deploy various lean methodology and tools in the business process to study end to end customer journey from lean perspective.

Process evaluation through Value Steam Mapping from customer order to delivery long with all communication channels

Waste reduction by applying Muri, Mura & Muda principles.

Muda: Expose & Remove Waste – Unlock capacity. .Mura: Reduce Variability – Stabilize process, level load. Muri: Control the process- Standardize & improve

Lean Principle: Applying 5 lean principles. (Specify Value, Map the Value Stream, Establish Flow, Implement Pull, Work to perfection

Constants are expert in identifying the waste opportunities using various Lean tools/ concept/ philosophy to improve efficiency .

During the course of Lean project management team involved in the projects will also lean lean tools and practice them for future application.

Some of the key tools & techniques used – Kaizen, PDCA, Poka-Yoke, SMART Goal, Gemba, SMED, Visual Management, Jidoka, Heijunka, Standard Work, Kanban etc .

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